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Vineyard vibes: Our story

Hi, I'm Derrick Neleman. In a tucked-away Spanish village, I stumbled upon a forgotten winery built in 1961 and formed a bond with a local winemaker. I was captivated by the stunning natural surroundings, a blend of forests, almond trees, and ancient vineyards nestled in a UNESCO-protected terroir. With the support of the village locals, who originally founded the winery as a cooperative, we revitalized the building and brought it back to life.

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Want to immerse yourself in the world of Neleman? Join us at our Valencia winery! Learn about Neleman's history, our dedication to biodiversity, and our winemaking process. Discover firsthand why over 5,000 customers and fans became shareholders.

Hello from Casas del Rey

Neleman’s mature vineyards lie to the west of Valencia at one of the highest areas, almost 900m above sea level. They are farmed on small land terraces surrounded by olive and almond trees – in the heart of the Natural Park Hoces del Cabriel, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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From our winery to our sales team, from store managers and warehouse staff to our accountants, the Neleman family is united by a single mission: crafting and sharing good wine to save the world.