Our story

At Neleman we elaborate organic & vegan wines that reflect the aromas and flavors of a precious and perfect terroir. We believe that wine is a heady celebration of creativity, nature, delicious taste, and ecologically-sound thinking.


Neleman’s mature vineyards lie to the west of Valencia at one of the highest areas, almost 900m above sea level. They are farmed on small land terraces surrounded by olive and almond trees – in the heart of the Natural Park Hoces del Cabriel, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Neleman organic wines are made without the use of pesticides and additives. A healthy and balanced soil yields a richer biodiversity that provides a richer breeding ground for tastier grapes. Our vines are not irrigated (no water waste). Combined with the dryness of the soil, it causes the vines to work harder, casting their roots deeper in the search for water. The deeper the roots, the deeper and better the quality of the grapes.In addition, taking good care of nature not only serves us with good wine today, but more importantly, with good wine till eternity!