Neleman's organic wines are made without the use of pesticides or additives. Our commitment to maintaining healthy, balanced soils not only fosters thriving biodiversity but also creates a prime breeding ground for our vines, leading to tastier grapes

Our vines are not irrigated (no water waste). Combined with the dryness of the soil, it causes the vines to work harder, casting their roots deeper, seeking moisture.

The deeper the roots, the better the quality of the grapes.

By taking good care of nature, we’re not just ensuring great wine for today, but more importantly, preserving the quality for generations to come.

We are:

100% Organic

Neleman wines are certified organic.

Vegan friendly

Neleman wines are certified vegan. We filter our wines with pea protein.

No water waste

Our vineyards are not irrigated.


We only use real cork. It's much better for the world because cork oaks are known for their capacity to reduce enormous amounts of CO2 and they play an important role in curbing forest fires.

Greener packaging

We have replaced all of our bottle seals with more sustainable options such as paper stickers and single layer aluminium foil instead of the standard tripe layer: green cap, which can be recognized via the leaf symbol.