Bike Chardonnay Muscat Organic

The Chardonnay has been picked up at an advanced point of maturation and the Muscat in an early state in order to give a subtle touch of flowers, white fruits and peach in the nose and a wide mouth. The wine has a pale color with golden reflections. Middle-high aromatic intensity, fresh and exiting mouth with a long fruity finish. Very well balanced.

Alcohol content: image/svg+xml 12,5%
Allergy information: image/svg+xml Contains sulfites
Bottle closure: image/svg+xml Helix twist cork
Certification: image/svg+xml Organic
Certification 2: image/svg+xml Vegan
Country: image/svg+xml Spain
Grape: image/svg+xml Chardonnay
Grape 2: image/svg+xml Muscat
Quality mark: image/svg+xml ES-ECO-020-CV AGRICULTURA UE
Quality mark 2: image/svg+xml Denominación de Origen Protegida
Wine region: image/svg+xml Valencia
Contents: image/svg+xml 750 ml
Op dronk tot: 2 jaar na oogst
Op dronk vanaf: Nu op dronk
Style: image/svg+xml Crisp white