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Nestled in one of Valencia's highest regions, Bodegas Neleman sits in the heart of the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park. This picturesque landscape offers a blend of the serene Cabriel River, rich history, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking to the historic Contreras trenches, cycling down the scenic descent to Casas del Rio, or simply soaking in the beauty by the riverbanks, there's no better place to immerse yourself in nature's wonders.

Casas del Rey

Casas del Rey, translated as "King's Houses," carries a hint of royalty in its name. Some say it's a nod to Archduke Carlos of Austria's brief stay during the War of Succession in 1706, while others believe it references the king's lands once leased to local peasants. Regardless of its origin, the village's charm is undeniable, and its inhabitants, the Casarreños, are known for their warmth and hospitality..

The primary source of income for the village inhabitants came from a winery cooperative they established to pool the grapes from their vineyards. Founded in 1961, and named Cristo Rey, the winery ceased operations by the century's end due to a declining population.

Seeing its potential, Derrick acquired and revitalized the winery, rebranding it as Neleman. This endeavor, supported by the locals, has reinvigorated the village. Many of its residents now collaborate with Neleman, becoming integral members of the Neleman family and contributing to the essence of our wines.

Experience authentic village life, understand our deep commitment to nature and biodiversity, and let the magic of Casas del Rey captivate you. Why just read about it when you can be a part of the story?

Casa Neleman

Nestled in the heart of Casas del Rey, just a stone's throw away from the winery lies Casa Neleman. This charming and authentic casa rural offers five exquisitely renovated rooms, each restored with meticulous attention to detail. Guests can indulge in the comfort of king-size Auping beds, and the luxury of private bathrooms equipped with rain showers.

Cook your own meal in the brand-new, well-equipped kitchen, or, if you're in the mood to mingle, make use of the barbecue area on the outdoor patio.

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Motorhome place

Exploring Valencia in your motorhome? We've got the perfect spot for you.
Nestled in the scenic beauty of our region, our motorhome spaces offer tranquility, breathtaking sunsets, and of course, a glass of Neleman wine to toast the evening.

But here's the catch: We value intimacy and exclusivity, so we've limited our spaces to just four. Each spot comes with WIFI, shower facilities, a lavatory, electricity, and water.

Time to relax

Local delights

Nestled in the beautiful area surrounding Casas del Rey and Casa Neleman, you'll find villages serving wonderful local food. You are sure to find an ideal spot to unwind after a day of rafting on the Cabriel River or exploring the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park.

Visit the nearby Venta del Moro or Requena for a paella and other local delights, or make a city escape to Valencia. Whether you're reminiscing about the day's adventures or planning tomorrow's escapades, there's no better place to get a taste of local Valencian life.

Make sure to always check ahead for opening hours and make sure to include a visit to a local restaurant as a part of your itinerary. Consult the winery staff for recommendations tailored to your preferences.

Your ideal city getaway

Neleman is just 90 minutes from Valencia, 20 from Utiel, and 30 from Requena, with easy access from the A3 highway.

Explore Valencia, a mix of history and modernity, from Malvarrosa Beach to the UNESCO-listed La Lonja and the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. Utiel, a wine enthusiast's dream, boasts the panoramic Shrine of El Remedio. Requena, rich in history, offers ancient landmarks and renowned wines, complemented by the serene Magro River.

All these wonders are within a short drive from Bodegas Neleman. Discover and delight!