Our story

At Neleman we elaborate organic & vegan wines that reflect the aromas and flavors of a precious and perfect terroir. We believe that wine is a heady celebration of creativity, nature, delicious taste, and ecologically-sound thinking.


"By doing good things in the right way, you make the world more beautiful. It's that simple!"

Guided by this belief, Derrick Neleman began producing his own organic wine in Valencia, Spain.

Derrick wanted to make the most beautiful wines in harmony with nature, enabling people to experience how special and beautiful life is


Neleman took over an organic winery nestled in Casas del Rey, located within the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Valencia. The region’s rich biodiversity and ancient soils give the wines their authentic and unique character


Neleman becomes a community and our first customers and fans become co-owners. Today, we're proud to have around 5,000 co-owners supporting Neleman’s mission


To support our global expansion, we acquired a bottling company in Aielo de Malferit, Valencia. This move ensures the growth and consistent quality of Neleman wines worldwide. We proudly hold IFS, BRC, organic, and vegan certifications


Thanks to the dedication of our export team, Neleman wines have found their way to 35 countries worldwide.
The winery has a small boutique hotel for guests. Jorge Monfort Salvador is now our chief winemaker. Federico Pisani, our export director, has relocated to the USA to expand Neleman's presence further.
Meanwhile, Vicent Penadés Nadal oversees both our Spanish team and the bottling company in Aielo Malferit, Valencia