The Swimmers Sauvignon Blanc Organic

We find a white wine with aromas of minerality, rubber but also the classic herbal aromas of the variety. Its slight ageing in oak gives it an elegant touch on the palate and nose, making the wine with a medium acidity, unctuous and warm, with aromas and flavours of French oak such as honey or the oak itself.

Alcohol content: image/svg+xml 13%
Allergy information: image/svg+xml Contains sulfites
Bottle closure: image/svg+xml NDtech cork
Certification: image/svg+xml Organic
Certification 2: image/svg+xml Vegan
Country: image/svg+xml Spain
Grape: image/svg+xml Sauvignon Blanc
Quality mark: image/svg+xml ES-ECO-020-CV AGRICULTURA UE
Quality mark 2: image/svg+xml Denominación de Origen Protegida
Wine region: image/svg+xml Valencia
Contents: image/svg+xml 750 ml
Style: image/svg+xml Rich white