Nucli Tempranillo Rosé Organic

This wine has a beautiful light color like petals of roses. A fine aromatic intensity with notes of very ripe small berries, violets and wild strawberry. The mouth fill is light and refreshing with ripe melon taste, fresh almonds and fennel.

Alcohol content: image/svg+xml 12,5%
Allergy information: image/svg+xml Contains sulfites
Bottle closure: image/svg+xml Helix twist cork
Certification: image/svg+xml Organic
Certification 2: image/svg+xml Vegan
Country: image/svg+xml Spain
Grape: image/svg+xml Tempranillo
Grape 2: image/svg+xml Bobal
Quality mark: image/svg+xml ES-ECO-020-CV AGRICULTURA UE
Quality mark 2: image/svg+xml Denominación de Origen Protegida
Wine region: image/svg+xml Valencia
Contents: image/svg+xml 750 ml
Op dronk tot: 2 jaar na oogst
Op dronk vanaf: Nu op dronk
Style: image/svg+xml Rosé
Vintage: image/svg+xml 2023