Casas del Rey Bobal Robusta Organic

Smooth and rich and softly powerful. Robusta concentrates the flavour of fruits and spices over a mineral background that reveals the personality of the soil it grows on. Red flowers, black currants, prunes and sweet toasted aromas make this wine a pleasant companion for fine foods and conversations.

Alcohol content: image/svg+xml 14%
Allergy information: image/svg+xml Contains sulfites
Bottle closure: image/svg+xml NDtech cork
Certification: image/svg+xml Organic
Certification 2: image/svg+xml Vegan
Country: image/svg+xml Spain
Drink until - Closed bottle: image/svg+xml max. 10 years
Drink until - Open bottle: image/svg+xml max. 4 days
Grape: image/svg+xml Bobal
Quality mark: image/svg+xml ES-ECO-020-CV AGRICULTURA UE
Quality mark 2: image/svg+xml Denominación de Origen Protegida
Wine region: image/svg+xml Valencia
Contents: image/svg+xml 750 ml
Style: image/svg+xml Big red
Vintage: image/svg+xml 2020