Casas del Rey Oolong Bobal Organic

The influence of the quality barrels, new French oak T5 is very evident, aromas of toast and oak predominate among others, although we can also find ripe fruit. Cedar aromas are found both in the mouth and on the nose. The tannins are high, typical of the Bobal, but of an extraordinary quality. The aftertaste is incredibly long, with the wood remaining in the mouth for a long time.

Alcohol content: image/svg+xml 14,5%
Bottle closure: image/svg+xml Diam cork
Certification: image/svg+xml Organic
Certification 2: image/svg+xml Vegan
Country: image/svg+xml Spain
Grape: image/svg+xml Bobal
Wine region: image/svg+xml Valencia
Contents: image/svg+xml 750 ml
Style: image/svg+xml Big red
Vintage: image/svg+xml 2021